How Much is Your ICBC Claim Worth?

If you were injured in an accident, and want to know how much your ICBC claim is worth, here are some of the factors that could affect your claim:

1. The person at fault
2. The extent of your injuries, both physical and emotional
3. Whether or not the accident will result in complete or partial disability
4. The cost and duration of treatment
5. How the accident will affect your employment and income

How does the ICBC assess fault in a crash?

To determine who was at fault in an accident ICBC may collect statements from those involved, other drivers, witnesses and passengers. They may also review police reports.

ICBC will make a decision in accordance with the rules of the road and may even consider past court rulings in similar accidents. A decision is usually made within 30 days of the accident. If you don’t agree with ICBC’s decision, you may file an appeal, or dispute the matter in court .

How is pain and suffering assessed?

There are many factors that should be considered when evaluating a personal injury claim. No two cases are exactly the same. Some factors that should be considered are:

The nature and extent of the injury. The more serious the injury the greater the compensation. With soft tissue injuries, we consider things like how the injury affects the person’s lifestyle, and how long the person suffers.
The age of the person.
The impact the injury has on the person’s relations with family and friends.
Emotional and mental suffering.
The impact the injuries have on the person’s ability to work.

What if the case goes to court?

If your case should go to trial, the courts are not bound to use ICBC’s internal assessment. The courts will look at the length and severity of your injuries, as well as any losses they have caused or may cause in the future.

Looking for an ICBC lawyer in Maple Ridge?

Personal injury lawyers have the expertise to help get you the compensation you deserve when you file a personal injury claim. In cases where a settlement cannot be reached, a lawyer will fight for compensation in court.

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